Shades of Gray: Interpreting Feline Dental Radiographs

Courses Information
Curriculum Number: RACE 29905 | Provider: Developed
Hours: 2.00 | Credits:     RACE CE: 2.00 - Non-Scientific Clinical
Manager: Krystal Fultz | Manager Email:

Courses Details

Objective Statement:  Full mouth intraoral radiographs are required to properly diagnose and treat oral disease.  At the end of this online video the participant will be able to interpret feline dental radiographs, identifying normal anatomy and radiographic signs of periodontal disease, endodontic disease, tooth resorption, osseous lesions, and developmental issues. 

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Tooth Anatomy
  2. Orientation of Dental Radiographs
  3. Normal anatomy dental radiographs
  4. Radiographic Signs of Diseases
    1. Periodontal Disease
    2. Endodontic Disease
    3. Tooth Resorption
    4. Osseous Lesions
      1. Aggressive Oral Masses
      2. Non Aggressive Oral Masses
  5. What’s Your Diagnosis
    1. Case based interpretation of dental radiographs