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Double Your Dentistry

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Curriculum Number: RACE 15471
Hours: 1.00 | Credits:     RACE CE: 1.00 - Online Module
Manager: Andrew Schultz | Manager Email:

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currImage Double Your Dentistry: Introduction
Learn about Midmark's landmark study into creating a successful dentistry program. [Part 1]
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currImage Double Your Dentistry Keys to Success
Following the introduction to Midmark landmark Dentistry Study, Dr. Cindy Charlier, DAVDC, describes the 5 Keys to Success to double your dentistry.
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Double Your Dentistry
A Study of 5 Practices and Their Keys to Success

Cindy Charlier, DVM, DAVDC
Andrew Schultz, Jr. MBA

As the leading provider of capital equipment to companion animal hospitals, Midmark Animal Health conducted a study to determine the key ingredients necessary to develop a successful dentistry practice to serve the needs of patients in a small animal hospital.  Our goal was to develop a 'recipe' for success and provide case studies to support our "return on investment" claims when selling equipment.  Midmark partnered with Dr. Cindy Charlier, a board certified dentist, to develop and conduct this study.  Our hypothesis was that dentistry and oral surgery is the largest untapped source of patient care and practice revenue in most small animal practices.  With the proper equipment, training and tools most practices should see a significant return on their investment in the dentistry portion of their practice.  What is possible?  What is that untapped potential?  We will present our findings, which supported our hypothesis and exceeded our expectations.

Objective Statement

Course Objectives:

  1. Discuss Midmark dental study goals, methodology and results
  2. Present the 5 keys of establishing a successful dentistry program


Program Agenda

Course Agenda/Outline:

  1. Introduction and discuss study results (10 Minutes)
    1. Study goals
    2. Study methodology
    3. Study results
  2. 5 Keys to Success (50 minutes)
    1. Owner Commitment
    2. Equipment
    3. Training
    4. Client Education & Marketing
    5. Continuous Improvement